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I am Christina Kulukundis, an folk-alt-country songwriter and singer. I live at the foot of Bredon Hill in Worcestershire, England with my little family, two dogs and two ponies.

Ben Church (guitar, banjo, dobro & harmonica) and Pete Bryden (bass guitar, piano, Hammond organ) and I have been writing and playing music together for the past four years.

I've actually been writing songs and singing for nearly twenty years (yikes).  I released an eponymous debut record in 2006 which did pretty well. And now, with children growing up and more time to focus, the guys and I have made a follow-up. I can't wait for you to hear the new songs. They're full of the highs and lows of life and we are all pretty excited about how they turned out.

We were over-the-moon to have the talents of drummer Ian Adams playing on the record
, plus none other than Fairport Convention's legendary fiddle player Chris Leslie, Alan Parker on accordion and the beautiful pedal steel of David Ogilvy. Lucky us!

You can hear songs from the record right now on the player at the bottom of this page. I hope you love them :)

Sheet Music for my new Record!

After a lot of careful work on the part of me, my friends Mary & Max, and Pitch Perfect Music, I am delighted to announce to the tiny sliver of society who would be interested, that my entire new record Stars Behind Stars Behind Stars is now available as a book of sheet music.  The songs have been lovingly arranged for Piano, Vocal & Guitar (picture chords).  There are also lots of the Backing Vocal lines in there. I love the thought of people out there singing and playing our songs. So, if you love the record (and i really hope you do), then why not order the music (only £8) and give it a go? Have fun!

What people are saying about Christina...

R2 Rock n Reel Magazine March 2015

****  Mojo Magazine

“Absolutely beautiful. A lovely, lovely song. Sublime.”
BBC Radio 2 Good Morning Sunday host Hardeep Singh Kohli, talking about the track Too Long in the Country.

"She focuses on tales rich in home life and one’s emotions (and) brings a grace and beauty rarely heard."
Maurice Hope of Flying Shoes Review

**** "A wonderful collection of thoughtful songs." Country Music People

"Christina's lyrics perform the difficult trick of evoking a mood beautifully, whilst still leaving room for the listener to connect with their own memories and experiences."
Adam Buxton, British Comedian and Actor

"Her Anglo-American upbringing has given her a unique style; a blend of old fashioned rural vigour and urban wisdom."

What's On Where London

**** "By God, she can sing."  Irish World

Video for Too Long in the Country

Have you got the new record yet?

Stars Behind Stars Behind Stars is the title of my new album, just released. We have been getting a fantastic response to the new songs and would love to share them with you.

Click here to buy CDs

The perfect soundtrack to Canopy & Stars!

The world of Sawday's Canopy and Stars is well known to many who have experienced the magical glamping and treehouse locations they represent. They approached me to use our music for the video tours on YouTube.  I think it's a perfect fit.  Here are some of the locations with music from yours truly.

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Everyone needs a big brother, I've got two!

Check out my eldest brother Nick's excellent country funk band, GUNVILLE FLATS.  They are busy playing all around the country. Good going guys. Sounding great.

Black Widow Blues (Live)